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Antiques by Zaar product can now be found at new site. ZAAR Design Center.

Please come and check us out there. Click Here.


  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and thus am happy to share with you this video testimonial of a loyal and dear customer/friend of Antiques by Zaar, by way of Sandra Jenifer, of Cheverly MD, who graciously agreed to go "live" with her Antiques by Zaar story.




However, I have always, and continue to relish the unsolicited emails received from my customers, right from my very first sale, Thanksgiving of 2000....creating a "Happy Customer" folder on my sidebar. Every kind word counts and thus why I've insisted on sharing here what my customers have had to say (and yes, some are simple and to the point, others more verbose) over the years.

Similarly, when in the business of selling Chinese Antiques, the question of aunthenticity is at times questioned, and thus, why I am pleased to share with you here, a letter written to me, by Daphne Rosenzweig of Rosenzweig Associates/International Society of Appraisers, after her August 2008 visit to my North Carolina warehouse. Her visit to the warehouse was incited by the repeated times she had been referred to my site, being asked for her expert opinion on my collection. Per her letter we did indeed impress her, not only with the authenticity/quality of our collection, but with our facilities, with my on site manager who met her and with overall presentation. Thank you Daphne for this validation.

For the very many that have contributed words below, I also thank you. For those that are seeking comfort and validation that Antiques by Zaar is "the real deal", I hope you find such here, as shared by Daphne and also by my many satisfied customers.

Should you be inclined to follow us further, feel free to do so at any/all of the below venues.

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And of course, if you want to address me directly, I am easy to reach by email at ruth@antiquesbyzaar.com , toll free at 1 866 868 9227/ZAAR or on my cell at 207 838 2675.

Look forward to welcoming you to my world.

Ruth Olbrych

Founder/owner/heart & soul...

Antiques by Zaar



Please enjoy perusing these unsolicited emails/come testimonials, as received by our customers...yes, over the years. Ruth



NOTE: Additional references are available upon request, should you require such.



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