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Antiques by Zaar product can now be found at new site. ZAAR Design Center.

Please come and check us out there. Click Here.


Welcome to our Home Gallery... Click to see pg 2
...featuring furniture purchased from Antiques by Zaar, in our customer's homes.
It gives us great pleasure to share with you photos received from our customers. Customers from the early days of the business, to current days. Customers which represent sales made from coast to coast and also to Europe. Some which have purchased a single piece while others have made multiple purchases. And as you can see our Chinese antiques do fit in with just about any style of home and decorating scheme.
For all of you that have sent photos to make this Gallery possible, Thank You. For those of you that would like to have photos included I look forward to receiving them and adding to this section of our web site. And for those of you who have yet to make a purchase from Antiques by Zaar, I trust you will find this an enticement to do just that.
To all of you I hope you enjoy perusing this section of our site as much as we do.
Ruth and Mark Olbrych
Owner/Operaters Antiques by Zaar

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Location: Plano, TX
Customer Since: September 2009


ITEM: Chinese Antique Red Scroll Coffee Table

I don't recall if I ever got around to writing to tell you, that "I entirely LOVE the red scroll table!" It is an incredibly perfect fit, in the spot in my reading room--just as i suspected it would be! (...amazingly modern feeling, but in a classic way) It has sort of a quiet, artsy
edge to it, that feels wonderfully "meditative" in my space!

Love it-Love it-Love it!
Plano, TX

Location: Columbus, OH
Customer Since: February 2008

Chinese Antique Console Table
I thought you might like to see how we used the Chinese table. I framed an obi (from a kimono) which hangs above it. I love it.
Hope to talk to you soon.
Columbus, OH
Item: Chinese Antique Console Desk      

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Customer Since: November 2007

Chinese Antique Stone Insert Coffee Table  
Dear Ruth,
Yeah! The table finally arrived and is just perfect! We couldn't be more pleased and I must say surprised by the weight! I think it will be permanent fixture in the house. Thank you for your promptness in all areas from initial emails about the table to communications on delivery. This was a first for us in purchasing furniture online and it is everything you billed it to be. Many thanks!!
Phoenix, AZ
Chinese Antique Carved Stone Insert Coffee Table    
Item: Chinese Antique Stone Insert Coffee Table      

Location: St. David's, Ontario, Canada
Customer Since: October 2007

Chinese Antique Black Sideboard      
Item: Chinese Antique Sideboard    
Chinese Antique Desk      
Item: Chinese Antique Desk    

Location: New York, NY
Customer Since: July 2007

Chinese Antique Altar Desk      
Item:Chinese Antique Altar Desk      


Location: New York, NY
Customer Since: June 2007

Chinese Antique Red Sideboard  
HI Ruth,
I received the cabinet and could not be happier....it really looks great...thought I'd send you a picture....
when I think of Bloomingdale and ABC prices and all the money I saved....I'm really overjoyed....the price....the service...the great selection....congratulations.....I have not stopped recommending all over New York and the Tri-State area.....
Thank you so much
New York, NY
Item: Chinese Antique Red Sideboard      


Location: Wyndmoor, Pa
Customer Since: March 2007

Chinese Antique Coffee Table  


I received the table today in perfect condition. I just LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!

Take care,


Wyndmoor, PA

Item: Chinese Antique Black Lacquered Coffee Table      

Location: McMinnville, OR
Customer Since: July 2006
Chinese 4 Door Antique Cabinet  
Hi Ruth -
Attached are two pics of the cabinet. It looks just great!
Hope one or more of these work OK for you for your Home Gallery section.
Best -
B & C M
McMinnville, OR
Item:Chinese Antique Cabinet      
Chinese Antique Cabinet      
Item: Chinese Antique Cabinet      

Location: Elkridge, MD
Customer Since: April 2006
Chinese Antique Sideboard  


Congratulations for all of the updates to your site! I finally have photos to share with you of the sideboard that we purchased this summer. I LOVE IT! We get so many compliments on the piece, and I could not be more pleased with it. We did indeed have to cut a large rectangular hole in the back for our media equipment to fit, but it also helps to ventilate it so it doesn't get too heated with the equipment hidden away. Re-doing our family room was our 10th anniversary gift to each other, and this piece was a wonderful addition to our room. My husband is concerned now with my desire to have a few more of your pieces in other areas of our home!

Thank you again and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!!



Elkridge, MD

Item: Chinese Antique Sideboard      

Location: Orlando, FL
Customer Since: October 2006

Chinese Sideboard and Thai Art  

Our experience purchasing online from you was a joy.We were hesitant to buy the cabinet and painting online because it's hard to tell what it's really like.Through our emails and phone conversations you were very reassuring that these were exceptional items.They certainly were and we thank you. It was a pleasure working with you on this purchase.
Our best.

C & I E
Orlando, FL

Item: Chinese Antique Sideboard and Thai Artwork      

Location: San Jose, CA
Customer Since: October 2003

Tibetan Antique Chest      
Item: Tibetan Antique Cabinet      

Customer Since: March 2006
Chinese Antique Screen  
Hi Ruth:

I am sure you must have forgotten me by now. Well, I did not forget you or forget to send you a picture of the Antique Chinese Screen once it was in place in my new home. Some pictures are attached. Let me know what you think of them. I hope you and your family are well. The hat is awesome! Thanks again.


Guilford, CT
Item: Chinese Antique Screen      

Location: Honolulu, HI
Customer Since: May 2006

Pair of Chinese Antique Armoires  

Dear Ruth,
The beautiful armoires and coffee table arrived July 19th in the afternoon and we left the following day for the mainland. We just got back to Hawaii last night. I wanted to write to you sooner but we were very busy getting
ready for our trip.
Ruth, the pair of armoires are much more beautiful than the photos revealed. They look much, much better than I had expected. We are all so very pleased with them! They are in perfect condition and I can't tell you enough how very beautiful and elegant they look. The coffee table is also very beautiful and also looks better than the photo of the website. It is also in perfect condition and the carving could not be more beautiful.
Thank you so very much for all your help and patience. It is very reassuring to know that I can order anything from your website and be so
surprised to find the items much better than I had imagined.
Honolulu, Hawaii

Item: Antique Pair of Decorated Armoires      
Chinese Coffee Table and Armoires      
Item: Chinese Antique Coffee Table      

Location: Messa, AZ
Customer Since: January 2006
Chinese Antique Elmwood Sideboard  
The wonderful chest arrived and it is perfect for the spot it was selected
for!!!! I love it!!
I must comment on Wayne, the deliverer. He readjusted his delivery time to
accommodate my schedule. I had a sister visiting from Michigan and needed
to pick her up during the delivery window. Wayne changed his schedule to
fit this time. I really appreciated this "extra touch"
I am busy selecting what goes into it. I will definitely be a repeat buyer!
Enjoy these years with your children, they pass SO quickly!!!!
Regards and thanks,

Messa, AZ
Item: Chinese Antique Elmwood Sideboard      

Location: Seattle Washington
Customer Since: August 2006

Chinese Antique Screen Coffee Table  

Hi Ruth -

We received the very well packaged coffee table today. It is gorgeous! It's larger than we thought (even though we measured), but it is wonderful.

Thanks so much!




Seattle, WA

Item: Chinese Antique Screen Coffee Table      

Location: Fairfield, CT
Customer Since: Septebmer 2005

Chinese Antique Sideboard  




The 3 beautiful pieces were just delivered by the nicest young people.
Everything looks wonderful in our home and we are delighted.
As soon as we finish moving in and unpacking boxes, hanging paintings, etc.,
I will send photos. In the meantime, many thanks.

Fairfield, CT

Item: Chinese Antique Sideboards  


Chinese Antique Bench and Baby Bath      

Item: Chinese Antique Bench
and Red Baby Bath


Location: Catskills, NY
Customer Since: February 2004




Chinese Antique Sideboard


Chinese Antique White Dresser


Item: Chinese Antique Red Chest


Item: Chinese White Dresser


Location: Needham, Mass.
Customer Since: February 2006



Chinese antique sideboard


Asian Antique Sideboard

Description: Chinese Antique
Black Decorated Sideboard

Description: Chinese Antique Black Sideboards


The sideboard looks FANTASTIC!! It is absolutely the right piece and I am very pleased. I’ll send you a picture. I’m glad I waited for this one.We stopped for dinner on the way home, so it was a bit late. That did not stop my determination to get the piece in the door however!! All the best with your business, and please keep me on your newsletter list. I hope to buy again sometime.



Needham, MA

Location: New York, NY
Customer Since: November 2005

Chinese Antique Vault Box
Hi Ruth,

We got the vault chest Monday, it is so beautiful and a great color, perfect in the living room...
Here are the photos, hope all is well with you, I’m sure I will be back again.
Thanks again, it is perfect.

Location: Naples, FL
Customer Since: July 2009


ITEM: Chinese Antique Black Lacquer Sideboard

Good Morning Ruth,

Well I am sitting in my condo looking at my beautiful new sideboard! It looks great in here!!! I will send you a picture of the unit in place when I get the mirror and lamps, so you can get a true feeling. I hope all is well for you and your family.

Thank-You for all that you did for me! I truly was a little afraid to buy something on line from someone I didn’t know! I have NEVER done that before and you made the experience wonderful! I would truly recommend you and your company to others. I appreciate your integrity ! Have a great day!

In Kindness,


Cleveland, OH



Location: New Hope, PA
Customer Since: February 2006




Chinese Antique Black Desk


Sending you a picture of the alter table that I purchased from you recently.
Thanks for all.

New Hope, PA


Description: Chinese Antique Black Desk


Location: Ann Arbor, Mich.
Customer Since: April 2005




Chinese Black Decorated Sideboard

I must say, the sideboard is stunning! Even Mr. TV said it's more beautiful
than the photos.
I'm sorry to say I missed the delivery as I was out of town, but my husband
said everything went smoothly and the guys were great.
As soon as we get our set up settled I'll send you a photo, though I'll
probably have to get a fish-eye lens considering the size of TV he wants to
get ;)
Thanks again for your help.

Ann Arbor, MI


Item: Black Decorated Sideboard


Location: New York, NY
Customer Since: February 2004



Chinese Antique Black Sideboard


We just saw thesideboard last night for the 1st time and it is gorgeous!
It is in such great condition but still maintains its antique character. It
will make a great addition to our living room! Thank you also for being
kind enough to store it for us until we moved in. I just knew I had to act
quickly before it was gone! ;-)
Thanks again, I continue to check out your site every week for my job also
and will be sure to contact you again in the future when our clients are
looking for asian antiques.
New York, NY


Chinese Black Sideboard


Location: Baltimore, MD
Customer Since: 2005




Chinese Antique Desk


The desk arrived late Friday and looks great! Attached is a photo. It was worth the wait. Thanks again.



Baltimore, MD



Chinese Desk / Altar Table


Location: Cheverly, MD
Customer Since: May 2002




Chinese Antique Sideboard and Altar Table


I’ve attached one of two pictures I would like to submit for posting in the Zaar gallery. The first picture is of a small section of my dining room. I painted the walls using a base coat of yellow and a dry-brush application of sienna and maze glazes over sparsely placed and raised spackle.

I hope you and your family are well. Thanks!

Cheverly, MD

Chinese Altar and Sideboard


Location: Sherborn, MA
Customer Since: January 2005




Antique Mongolian Cabinet

Dear Ruth,
That cute little chest is here and installed. I love it! It makes me even more eager to see the rest. The way the doors are hinged, with a ball of wood in a groove, is fascinating.
Sherborn, MA



Mongolian Cabinet


Location: Vero Beach, FLA.
Customer Since: July 2005




Mongolian Antique Sideboard


I am sending another picture of the sideboard we recently purchased showing additional carvings we bought to fit the niche. We think everything looks pretty good.




Vero Beach, FL



Mongolian Sideboard


Location: Orinda, CA
Customer Since: April 2004




Chinese Antique Red Sideboard

Chinese Antique Dresser



Chinese Red Sideboard

Black 4 Drawer Dresser


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